By using our website, the party agrees to our privacy policy and consents to some of their data being recorded and utilized for the website’s development purposes.

The information which is collected, and how it is used

The Website collects data such as usernames, user-account passwords, user’s preferred article category, user search history, etc. Our site collects and uses your provided data to improve the website’s overall surfing experience. For example, the next time you pay a visit to our website you will be automatically logged in rather than manually entering your username and password, as well as your recommended section will be based on articles that you have already read rather than it being filled with the latest articles Our Website makes use of cookies that carry out these processes. Cookies are small pieces of data that are downloaded onto your computer every time you log in. Cookies can also be manually deleted in case you ever feel your privacy is being invadedThe Tech Burneh guarantees that any type of information collected will not be misused.

Advertisements on the Website

Tech Burneh uses Advertisements on its website. Our Privacy Policy includes the rights of our advertising partners. Any Advertisement Organizations are allowed to use their different web setups for their published advertisements. These ads are likely to appear on any part of the website. The Advertising Agency also has access to our user’s IP address so they can ensure effective web browsing and display ads according to the user’s interest or user’s search history.

Protection of User Rights

Tech Burneh would like to inform you that whatever data the user enters on our website is 100% protected as maintaining our visitor’s privacy is our top-most priority. At any time, the visitor can view what data they have entered as it’s their right to view their own entered data. The user can also make changes to their provided information in case it is wrong or misleading. User retains their right to remove their provided data or their whole account at any time. If the user’s data is currently in processing e.g., their article is yet to be approved for publishing they can contact the website to stop the processing of their data.


Most modern websites use cookies to provide a smooth and powerful browsing experience and similarly, Tech Burneh website does too. As mentioned before, cookies are small pieces of data that are downloaded onto your computer every time a user logs in. They contain small pieces of data such as the user’s search history etc.

General Policies

1.   Our website uses your provided information to operate and develop the website more smartly according to our traffic preferences.

2.   Tech Burneh ensures that your data remains protected under copyright laws and trademark licenses

3.   Our Website Uses encryption-based technology which ensures no leak of data hence ensuring full privacy.

4.   We use your emails only for sending promotions & latest updates.

5.   Your Personal Information Is used to judge whether fraudulent activity is being carried out.

6.   The User’s Search History Is Judged so we can provide new developments, new features, products, and even new functions to our valuable users.

7.   Our website gathers and uses the information to only profit from the website.

8.   Log Files are only used to follow the latest trends and keep track of the user’s repeated actions on the website.